Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Southern inundation zone

Defending with water


Frontline, buffer zone, and battlefield. For centuries, the struggling powers changed the scenery of Brabant in an almost continuous battlefield. Out of fear for the enemy, the Republic of The Seven United Netherlands fortified the defenses on land in the South.

Fortress builder Menno van Coehoorn united existing fortresses and boundary lines and flooded the area of Brabant. On intermediate, strategical points, he created earthen forts and bulwarks. Together, this formed the Southern frontier, which today is called ‘de Zuiderwaterlinie’ (Southern inundation zone).

From Bergen op Zoom to Grave

If the enemy came too close, the Republic flooded the land. This trick is called inundation. The Southern Water Frontier formed the longest connecting line of fortresses, forts, and inundation areas the Netherlands has ever known.

Although ‘de Zuiderwaterlinie’ was not always that successful, it managed to endure rough times. Today, centuries later, whoever visits fortresses such as Bergen op Zoom, Breda, ’s Hertogenbosch, and Willemstad can imagine himself on the battlefield as friend or enemy, between water and forts.

Visit the Defense of Willemstad

Protecting the estuaries that provided access to Holland. That was the primary responsibility of the Defense of Willemstad. Cannonballs in the walls, cannons on the quays. City walls, star-shaped dikes, forts, bunkers, and gunpowder storages. The famous history of Willemstad has left its marks.

Going on an adventure by visiting the defenses of Willemstad and her historical fortifications, you will experience the history of both city and land in an area where water and wind still dominate. Start your journey of discovery in the Canon Room of the Mauritshuis. Press the red button and bring the room to life!