Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Water activities

Moerdijk is well-known for its recreational water sports activities. Take a plunge in the river Hollands Diep from one of the beaches or book a sailing trip over the many waters. Beautiful weather is just perfect for spending some time on the water. However, if you prefer to spend your time overlooking the water from land, plan a hike along one of the meandering creeks or visit a nature reserve.


Natural water De Appelzak

Nature park ‘De Appelzak’ is a green buffer between the village of Moerdijk and the industrial area of Moerdijk. A small, but lovely beach offers a wonderful spot to lavish the sun. Also in this area, nature lovers can enjoy flora and fauna. You can find willows, acacia trees, elderberries and unusual plants such as marjoram and orchids. During the summer months, bovines graze the dikes and grasslands, and you will find a variety of water birds on the ‘Holland’ side of the water.

Splashing at ‘The Banana’

Drifting on your floaty, swimming and windsurfing. You can do all of it in the water of the beach called ‘de Banaan’ (the Banana). This beach situated on the shores of the province of Zuid-Holland is only a short distance away from Willemstad. Therefore, it is very popular with many Moerdijk citizens. You can find the beach in a beautiful nature reserve near the water locks Volkeraksluizen. The local beach club is a great venue to enjoy a drink and a snack.

Recreation in de Tonnekreek

Through the rugged farmlands between Willemstad and Klundert, meanders a creek with the name ‘Tonnekreek’. Fishing in the ‘Kleine Ton’, cycling through the farmlands called ‘Ruigenhil’ or spotting a Norwegian vole near the water edge. The area offers all these fun activities for everyone who is fond of water. Climb your bicycle or put on your hiking shoes. Bring your fishing rod and go off. Do not forget to enjoy the lovely surrounding!

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