Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Stroll over the fortified walls of Klundert

Would you like to spend some time in beautiful nature with historical importance? You can, in the Klundert fortress. During the 80 years’ war against the Spaniards, this small fortified city was part of the Defenses of Willemstad, and with that, also the ‘Zuiderwaterlinie’ (Southern Dutch inundation zone). Discover the remains of the historical defense buildings or the renaissance city hall, and take a stroll along the remaining canals.


Fortified City Klundert


More than a fortress

Klundert is more than a fortress alone. Marine clay agricultural land, creeks, and streams remind us of a centuries-long fight against the water. Cycling and walking tours in surrounding nature reserves like ‘Buitengorzen’ and ‘Ruigenhil’ enable you to explore this unique area freely. Also, pay a visit to the ‘Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum’ (National flax and sugar museum). Here, you will learn all there is to know about the sugar industry, as well as how people lived and worked back in the time with flax and sugar beets.

Get a feel of the local atmosphere during a city walk organized by the local history society ‘Die Overdraghe’ or visit one of the temporary exhibits in the cultural center ‘t Heemhuis’. Do not skip a stopover at the city hall! Curious about the local delicacies? Taste them during the characteristically weekly markets and take a look in the local boutiques.

Activity and relaxation

Are you looking for some relaxation time in between activities? Take a swim in the water of the indoor swimming pool ‘de Niervaert’. Besides swimming pools, you can enjoy a wild water creek, a giant tubular water slide, a whirlpool, and a Turkish bath. Together, they offer a perfect alternation between cultural, outdoor activities and relaxing activities.

Downloadable overview of attractions

Are you planning on visiting the Klundert fortress? Download the attraction map here. With this handy leaflet in your pocket, you will have an overview of all the information and local attractions.

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