Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Explore historical Zevenbergen

Not everyone knows it, but the town of Zevenbergen used to be a real city in Holland. This historic sugar city has a medieval street pattern. Pay the town a visit and discover the traces that date back to conquerors, the first Dutch sugar factory and the Dutch castle in the castle garden. The town has a lively center with boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and many terraces to spend some quality time.



From peat to sugar

It started with peat and ended with sugar. Until the late eighties, Zevenbergen was commonly known as a sugar city. Today, the two high chimneys of one of the former factories still form the sight of the town. Also, the waters ‘Rode Vaart’, the railway station, ‘Villa Waterloo’, and the old working-class houses indicate the rich past of the sugar industry.

The old center of the town is situated near the old inner harbor. Momentarily, the construction to rebuild the harbor has begun. This will generate an even more attractive center for recreational purposes along the waterside. Can you imagine yourself wandering the banks carrying shopping bags filled with goodies? Or would you rather sit on one of the many terraces enjoying a sumptuous meal?

Dive into history

If you prefer to visit one of the notable sites, stop at the Roman-Catholic church H. Bartholomeus or the recently renovated Protestants church St. Catharina. This gothic church is situated on the market square. Before the Reformation, it was devoted to Saint Catharina. The eldest parts stem from the 14th-century. Walk by the late boarding school Vincent van Gogh attended, and listen to the information provided by a speaker column.

Dive into history in the museum Local History Society Willem van Strijen. Take a look around in a small village grocery shop from 1900. Or notice the archeological findings of the castle of Zevenbergen and Fort Noordam and discover the life in Holland of old times. From the museum, you can book a guided city walking tour.

Activities between history and nature

Centrally located between nature reserve ‘de Biesbosch’ and ancient cities Willemstad and Breda, Zevenbergen is a perfect base for visiting the Western Brabant area. Are you looking for active leisure? Make a choice at one of the many bicycle or hiking tours and explore the surroundings. Hit a strike at the bowling alley Vier Hoog Zevenbergen , or enjoy the sun on the grass at the outdoor swimming pool during the summer months.

Plan your visit

Are you planning to visit the historic sugar city? Download the attraction map here. With this handy leaflet in your pocket, you will have an overview of all the information and local attractions.

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