Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Adventures at Fort Sabina

Right at the intersection of Noord-Brabant, Zuid-Holland, and Zeeland, you can find the strategically located fort Sabina Hendrica. The old fort is part of the Defenses of Willemstad. It will give you an insight into the times of the military attacks on Holland via the waters. Enjoy a combination of art, history, nature, and culinary treats.


Fort Sabina Hendrica
Fortweg 1
4794 SC Heijningen

+316 25 16 75 16

In Napoleon’s footsteps

Cultural history and nature go nowhere together as well as at Fort Sabina. The Tour Modèle, dating back to the era of Napoleon, the underground tunnels, and the large barracks make this fort absolutely worthy of your visit. Take a tour, enjoy the water, and discover the wide variety of plants and animals in the area surrounding the fort. Or take a seat at the terrace of bistro ‘De Kletsmajoor’ for a drink and a snack.

Visit the Defense of Willemstad

Protecting the estuaries that provided access to Holland. That was the primary responsibility of the Defense of Willemstad. Cannonballs in the walls, cannons on the quays. City walls, star-shaped dikes, forts, bunkers, and gunpowder storages. The famous history of Willemstad has left its marks. Going on an adventure by visiting the defenses of Willemstad and her historical fortifications, you will experience the history of both city and land in an area where water and wind still dominate.

Business opportunities

Located between Rotterdam and Antwerp, and with the direct vicinity of the Port of Moerdijk, Fort Sabina is an ideal venue for business meetings with a unique character. Rent the heritage officers quarters for workshops, training, and teambuilding activities. Or set up a meeting in the former barracks. We can also offer group arrangements and combine these with culinary indulgences. Contact the manager for more information.

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