Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Guided tours

Soaking up the culture in Willemstad and surrounding cities

Want to discover one of our towns with a guide? In the fortified towns of Willemstad and Klundert, as well as in the old sugar town of Zevenbergen, guides await you daily.

City tour Willemstad

Are you ready? Follow in the footsteps of significant monarchs and conquerors, and imagine yourself on a fierce battleground as friend or enemy between the water and forts. Get carried away by the cozy streets of the historic fortress during one of the many guided city walks.

During the tour of your choice, the guide will tell you about the origins of the bastions, the ramparts, the street pattern, and the many special sights and monuments. Will you choose to visit the Koepelkerk (church)? Don’t forget to enjoy the view from the church tower!

The guided tours in the fortified town of Willemstad are organized by ‘Op Stap’ in Willemstad. It is possible to follow one of the pre-planned guided tours or book a customized tour. The city tours are available in Dutch, English, German and French. Please contact Op Stap in Willemstad and discover your options!

Strolling through the fortress of Klundert

Strolling through Klundert, with or without a guide! Local history club Die Overdraghe offers you the opportunity to take a historic city tour through the center of the fortified town of Klundert. During the guided tour, the guide will tell you all about the history of the town and the interesting, historic places you will pass during the city tour. You can take the city tour without a guide as well, and it is accessible for wheelchair or mobility scooters.

During working days, you can combine the guided tour with a visit to the monumental former city hall of Klundert. On Saturday afternoons, from June to October, you can also visit the Reformed Church during the guided city tour. Unique about this is that not the church itself, but the entrance gate is included on the list of monuments.

Contact the local history club for more information or to book a tour. A guided tour is possible in a group of up to 12 people and costs € 3.00 per person. Larger groups are possible after consultation. The route of the city tour ‘Strolling through Klundert’ can also be found on the download page of our website.

Wander through sugar city Zevenbergen

Curious to find out what Zevenbergen has to offer? Zevenbergen’s local history club ‘Willem van Strijen’ will be happy to take you on a guided city tour. During the tour, you will set off together along the centuries-old harbor, which was closed in 1970 and will reopen in 2020. Still visible are the old granaries, the former brewery, canal houses with stepped gables, and also characteristic architecture from the Second World War.

Your guide will take you to the Market Square with its 14th century Catherina Church, Bartholomew Church and the former boys’ school from 1907. You will pass Stationsstraat, where Mr. Provily’s former boarding school is located. Vincent van Gogh spent two years of his youth here. You will proceed via Villa Waterloo to one of the oldest train stations in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, your guide will tell you about the castle of Zevenbergen, the four sugar factories that once stood here, the soldiers of the Breda peat barge, the 15th century minting industry and much more!

On request, you can combine the city walk with a visit to the Oudheidskamer (house of antiquities), the museum of the local history club. This antiquity room can be visited every Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00 hours without an appointment. Guided tours are also available. Contact the local history club and book your guided city tour!