Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?


Each year, many events are planned in Willemstad and the surrounding communities of Moerdijk. Events that are small and large, for young and old. Will you stay with us in June? Wander the annual fair in Klundert or enjoy the typical Dutch musical festival in Zevenbergen, organized by the band ‘de Notenkrakers’. Is August the month you will visit us? Then drop by the town of Moerdijk and watch many antique cars during the ‘Oldtimer festival’.

± FEBRUARY light parade carnival / mardi gras – Standdaarbuiten

Thousands of lights, colorful floats and lively party music. The Light Parade in Standdaarbuiten is the highlight of the Carnival / Mardi Gras in the West Brabant region. Put on your most beautiful fancy dress outfit and party along with the locals while the floats compete for the first place!

JUNE Klundert on a clod (fair) – Klundert

An annual event with music, culture and a fair that coincides with the Klundert fun fair. Various performances by artists and local societies on three stages, street theatre, food trucks, fair stalls in Voorstraat and Molenstraat of this fortified town, and much more.

JUNE Nutcracker festival – Zevenbergen

Every year, during this musical summer festival, forty bands from all over the Netherlands compete for the coveted NZF cup. The wind bands show their musical skills on eight stages spread over the center of the old sugar city of Zevenbergen. Start your summer holiday with a good dose of relaxed Brabant party time and enjoy the music!

AUGUST Cycle race Moerdijk – Zevenbergen

Thick bike tire races, a real pro lap with professional cyclists and amateur tours. During the Cycling Weekend, you cannot ignore the athletes during your visit to Zevenbergen. Enjoy the races from the terrace, join the tour yourself or immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this old Sugar City.

AUGUST Oldtimer Festival – Moerdijk

Hundreds of old cars, buses and service vehicles, steam trains, naval ships, funfair and tours. During the Moerdijk Oldtimer Festival, the whole village of Moerdijk is full of activities. Take part in one of the tours, discover your favorite oldtimer or enjoy the entertainment. It takes place every two years (even years).

SEPTEMBER Art and culture route – all communities of Moerdijk

Various artists, workshops and activities are available across Willemstad and the Moerdijk region. During the Art and Culture Route, monuments open their doors and (local) artists get the chance to present their work here. So grab this chance and discover Dutch history from the inside out!

SEPTEMBER Shanty Festival – Willemstad

Every year, twelve choirs perform in turn during the Shanty and Seasong Festival in the center of the old fortified town of Willemstad. The performances are divided over four professional stages. The free festival has been attracting thousands of visitors for years.

SEPTEMBER Fortress run – Willemstad

5 km, 10 km, half a marathon or the Kids Run. All participants of the Fortress Run in Willemstad run through beautiful nature, past historical sites, and finish in the middle of the cozy Willemstad harbor with its many atmospheric restaurants and terraces. And all with one goal: raise money for a good cause.

OCTOBER Terror Nights – Standdaarbuiten

Brrrr Halloween! Nowhere in the province of Noord-Brabant is Halloween as exciting as at the Terror Nights in Standdaarbuiten. Buy your ticket online, prepare for a lot of horror and enter the scariest haunted houses. The less brave among us have also been taken into account with mildly haunted houses.

DECEMBER Klundert by candlelight – Klundert

Once every two years (even years), all the streetlights in Klundert are switched off and 10,000 candles enlight the center. As a visitor, you can enjoy the fairy-tale atmosphere and also watch and listen to many performances and shows.


These are only a few examples of our annual events. Would you like to know what is going on during your stay in Moerdijk? Please take a look at our Dutch event calendar for the full list of activities.