Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Discover Moerdijk

Moerdijk, a world of difference

Historical fortresses surrounded by forts and outstretched farmlands. Nature reserves and a modern port. Unified through rivers, creeks, and culture. By foot or riding a bike, visit Moerdijk and discover a world full of differences.

Discover versatile Moerdijk!

If you love nature and water sports, indulge in the many options Moerdijk has to offer. With the rivers ‘Hollands Diep’ to the North, the ‘Volkerak’ to the West, and the streams ‘Mark’ and ‘Dintel’ to the Southside of us, our community is surrounded by plenty of water. Would you rather find some historical, cultural gems? Visit the fortified cities of Willemstad and Klundert or forts ‘Sabina’ or ‘de Hel’. Discover our community by foot or ride a bike and enjoy the quiet of the outstretched farmlands, nature reserves, and creeks.

Explore the region

The area beyond Moerdijk is also worth visiting. We border the nature reserve ‘de Biesbos’ and cities close-by include Breda and Rotterdam. Discover the ‘Zuiderwaterlinie’ (Southern inundation zone) that connects the ‘Stelling van Willemstad’ with 10 other historical fortified cities and various bulwarks in the province of Noord-Brabant. Or take the ferry to Holland. Moerdijk has many surprising faces. Come and discover them all!