Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Waar ben je naar op zoek?

Brochures request

Are you about to visit Willemstad or one of the surrounding towns of greater Moerdijk, and would you like to be well prepared? Then ask for one or more brochures of your choice. Every year, VVV Moerdijk publishes various attraction cards with maps, cycling routes and flyers. Below, you can find an overview of all the brochures we can provide you with on paper.

Attraction cards

  • Attraction card Klundert
  • Attraction card Willemstad
  • Attraction card Zevenbergen

On each attraction card, you will find a map, including tips about the town on one side and an extensive map with the cycle route network of greater Moerdijk on the other side.
Thematical flyers filled with inspiration

  • 5 undiscovered spots in Moerdijk
  • 5 cool facts about Moerdijk
  • 5 tips for kids in Moerdijk
  • Mini flyer Zuiderwaterlinie (Souther inundation zone)

Cycling and hiking routes

  • Bicycle tour 1st Polish Division (29 km)
  • Bicycle tour Timberwolf (33 km)
  • Bicycle tour West Riding (35 km)
  • Flood Bicycle tour Moerdijk (35 km; dutch)

Are you an entrepreneur in our community?

Would you like to receive flyers and promotional materials so you can help your guests prepare well for their trips? Please contact our head office via VVV Moerdijk by sending an e-mail to vvv@moerdijk.nl and indicate in your e-mail which brochures you would like to receive from us. We will provide you with (new) materials as soon as possible.