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Top 10 must visits

Historic fortified towns surrounded by fortresses and expansive agricultural land. Nature amid modern industry. Small villages and cities, connected by rivers, creeks and culture. On foot or by bike, a visit to Willemstad and its surroundings is an adventure in itself!

Southern inundation zone

Five defenses, eleven fortresses and 1001 stories. The Southern inundation zone, Zuiderwaterlinie in Dutch, is the oldest, longest and most frequently used Dutch water line. Discover the Zuiderwaterlinie, from Bergen op Zoom to Grave!

The story of Willemstad

Cannonballs in the walls, cannons on the quays. City walls, star-shaped dikes, forts, bunkers, and gunpowder storages. The famous history of the Defense of Willemstad has left its marks. Going on an adventure by visiting the defenses and her historical fortifications, you will experience the history of both city and land in an area where water and wind still dominate.